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Fully functional bottle opener

Source: Ningbo Heng Yuan Wang Plastic Co., Ltd.  author:   Time: 2014-09-11

Today, many different kitchen tools have been produced to make life more comfortable and comfortable. bottle Opener has been a feature of today's most important kitchen tool. These useful tools have been developed to complement existing products, such as magnets, key chains, and even the Swiss Army knife. The main reason behind bundling is that it complements other usage, you can choose to only put it in the fridge, or put it in your pocket, so it is always at your fingertips. Beer, soda or juice you will get to enjoy the convenience and practicality to open any canned or bottled, the use of such kitchen appliances. You will immediately find that it is the best, it's really like magic, it is because you can get the best.


Development bottle opener


Basically, the bottle opener is used in many ways and in different venues. You can see them in restaurants, homes and bars. Many of these could have been made ​​of a thin rectangular sheet metal layer and the terminal corkage standard design. Now their size, color and shape vary. In fact, sometimes it can easily be identified as a bottle opener but is cleverly hidden inside other accessories.


Baseball cap opener


Provides the most popular type on the market today is the baseball cap opener. This is probably the most special one that you think the ideal gift. Further, the edge of the metal plate which can be used to open the bottle next. The best thing about this product is that you can wear a hat not explicitly revealed, covered with a bottle opener. Product has its own features and style.

Sandals Opener

Another innovation is the sandal opener which also cleverly hidden in the Annex. Is fixed in the actual product is strategically designed to open the bottle in the middle of the sole metal. From the outside, a pair of sandals out as an ordinary pair of shoes, but surprisingly, when you put it over, the second purpose become visible. There are online merchants offer these types of sandals, affordable. This is the perfect gift for any occasion of the year.


Belt buckle bottle opener


In addition, there are also some shops selling belt buckle bottle opener. The real thing is obscure part of the belt buckle. Not only that, it gives your trousers where appropriate fashion way, but it can also be used for functions open the bottle. Through artistic innovation, any existing tools is the latest accessory for your family and friends, a new gift.